Göttingen Collection of Mathematical Models and Instruments

Cone of third order

Model 80

A IV 5


Cone of third order and genus 0. Fiber model.


The thread models 80-86 are cones over planar curves, and serve to study them in projective geometry; in that geometry, "points" are lines through the cone point.

Newton (Enumeratio linearum tertii ordinis, 1706) initiated the study of planar curves of degree 3; the work was continued by Plücker, Cayley, and Möbius.

The base of this cone is a singly cusped cubic of genus 0 (namely, rationally parametrizable), called semi-cubic parabola; and the space curve made of brass is the intersection of the cone with a sphere. The equation is $x^2y-z^3=0.$

This model was designed by Prof. H. Wiener in the 1890s.

Showcase of this model is Case number 8


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