Göttingen Collection of Mathematical Models and Instruments

Knitted Möbius strip

Model 294

Knitted Möbius strip
C I 10


Möbius strip, knitted by cand. math. Sina Ike. Hand donation in 2018. The collection also includes a crocheted Riemann surface, cf. 924.


The Möbius strip is a one-sided surface with one edge. It can be constructed by glueing the ends of a paper strip together after having rotated one end 180°.

The knitted Möbius strip was made with a round needle after meshing according to the strucure of a Möbius strip. At first the brown stripe was knitted and then it was proceeded by knitting into two directions along the brown stripe.

Showcase of this model is Case number 28


Hilbert, D.; Cohn-Vossen(1932). Anschauliche Geometrie, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, p. 269 f. Online version