Göttingen Collection of Mathematical Models and Instruments

Calculating machine Mercedes

Model 509

L I 8


Calculating machine Mercedes. (circular shape, constructing engineer Hamann)


The Mercedes-Gauß is a calculating machine from 1905. The machine is packed in a cylindrical box of 16 cm in diameter and 13 cm in height, and weighs 2.6 kg.

The circular machine masters the four basic arithmetic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, which is why it is numbered among the 4 species machines. Furthermore, one can use it to exponentiate and take roots.

Originally, the machine was built to facilitate the land surveying. Its complicated handling however casts doubt on whether it was of actual help.

Text written by: Annika Breitzmann, Jonas Hildebrandt and Martin Wusterack

Translated by: Lea Renner

Showcase of this model is Case number 51


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