Göttingen Collection of Mathematical Models and Instruments

The following people essentially contributed to the collection.

Development of the collection

Abraham Kästner 1780 Cardboard polyhedrons (the eldest models of the collection)
Alfred Clebsch 1868-1872 Cubic surfaces, in particular Clebsch"s diagonal surface
Hermann A. Schwarz 1875-1892 Minimal surfaces
Felix Klein 1886-1913 Plücker-Klein surfaces, models related to descriptive geometry, geodetic instruments
Arthur Schönflies 1891-1899 Modells related to crystallography
David Hilbert 1895-1930 Lecture course on „Anschauliche Geometrie“ with many examples from the collection. Boy´s surface
Friedrich Schilling 1899-1904 Slide collection
Otto Neugebauer 1927-1930 Vitrines for the models, catalogue of the collection
Stephan Cohn-Vossen
Heinrich Heesch
ca 1930 Models related to pliability of polyhydrons and to thin sphere packings
(the youngest models of the collection)

Preservation of the collection

Heinz Otto Cordes 1950-1954 Responsible for the models and calculating machines, registration of lost models and machines
Helmut Klingen 1956-1960 Responsible for the models and calculating machines, registration of lost models and machines
Samuel Patterson 1982-2011 Curator of the collection
Laurent Bartholdi since 2011 Curator of the collection

Database for the collection

Jan Philipp Hoffmann 2004/05 Photos of many models, construction of the data base, Online presentation
Anja Sattelmacher 2011 Scan of the dia collection
Georg Roth-Kleyer 2011 Revision of the database, and the Online presentation, english translation
Sven Wiese 2012-2016 Further photos, videos, revision of the database and the virtual showcases, online publication of digitalized sources
Thorsten Groth 2014-2015 Complete revision of the collection website

Digital models and detail information

Max Wardetzky, Julia Plehnert, Thorsten Groth 2013 Animation of some models and extended model description
Ina Kersten, e.a. since 2013 Seminars on the collection and extended model descriptions
Stefan Halverscheid 2013-2016 Project KLEIN: Kulturell bildende Lernobjekte Entwickeln, Implementieren, Neumachen (funded by Stiftung Mercator): Initiiation and realization of 3D prints of models.
Julia Bienert 2016-2018 Creation of materials and documents used for guided tours in the collection (e.g. for pupils), further photos and descriptions for the collection's website